Small home renovations ‘can increase value’

Thinking small when it comes to home improvement projects could see the biggest increase to the asking price of a property.

Making large changes to the home and adding elaborate new features can seem like a way of increasing the value, but Fox News has advised householders instead to prioritise safety, with a strong front door and a secure garage both going to impress estate agents.

Creating a good first impression of the property can also go a long way, as it is the initial thing people will see about the house.

Doing something as simple as repainting the front door or adding some flowers in the garden can also work wonders.

“Before you run out to purchase a few gallons, heed a realtor’s advice: Keep it neutral. You may love lime green or pink, but that doesn’t mean your buyer will,” the article noted.

Other jobs that were recently recommended by KPVI News 6 include fixing things like loose doors and replacing broken lightbulbs.

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