Sitemaster ‘How to’ Videos and Tutorials released

Sitemaster Building Videos & Tutorials by The UK’s leading provider of Mobile Surveying Solutions We have been asked many times for videos and tutorials on the Award winning Sitemaster Building software, so recently we decided to do something about it. We have now created the first eight tutorials and will Continue Reading

Nedo Winkeltronic Digital Angle Finder

Nedo Winkeltronic digital angle finder allows the user to precisely measure and transfer angles. The measured angles are read off conveniently from the large LCD display. The hold function allows values to be retained on the display. Other features of these digital angle finders include: integral horizontal and vertical spririt levelsresolution: 0.1° accuracy: Continue Reading

Energizer XP18000 Power Pack

XPAL Power integrates a minimum 12 safety logics into every cell for maximum protection of the battery, device and user. In addition, XPAL utilizes a mathematical circuit control unit with built-in proprietary software to control and regulate temperature, voltage and current. XPAL Power exclusively uses lithium polymer battery cell technology. Continue Reading