Salary Benchmarker has launched an interactive Salary Benchmarker tool based on a survey of the construction and built environment industry in the UK. The survey received 5,723 responses from professionals working in both the UK and abroad, and is the first of its kind for the construction industry. The tool allows for comparisons to be made between different jobs in construction as well as regions, sectors and levels of experience.

The tool features 20 different job types, displaying the average salary, bonus and benefits received as well as the factors considered most important. For example, the tool shows that in comparison to the rest of the industry architects are losing out on paid overtime, whilst for bid managers location is the most important factor in their job choice.

With 11 regions from the UK and 8 international regions included in the survey, comparisons can also be made between regions to better understand what salary and benefits the respondents expect to be receiving, and what they are actually experiencing.

Information on specific job types can also be filtered by sector and level of experience. At each stage the number of respondents who match the criteria is displayed, along with their average salary, annual bonus and the benefits they currently receive.

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4 thoughts on “Salary Benchmarker

  1. Hopefully this will even things up throughout the industry, and give those who have been on a declining pay some weight for much deserved rises throughout the industry

  2. That is an amazing tool and something that will prove extremely useful to myself and my contacts. Do you know if they have a widget that can be provided for use on other websites?

    I’d like to include a salary information widget for the visitors to our
    latest jobs
    page to provide a benchmark for any construction sales jobs that they are interested in. This may not be the right tool for the job for the sales vacancies but is definitely along the right lines for the technical jobs that we search for.

    If anyone knows of somewhere that can provide a widget, please contact me on

    Thank you,

  3. Not sure about the widget but Career Structure do visit here regularly so they will no doubt let you know.

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