Renovation ‘can be a savvy investment’

Home improvement can be a wise financial decision if done correctly, according to one expert.

Anna-Marie Desouza, editor of Build It magazine, said it can potentially be economically savvy to invest in renovation if the purpose is to increase the value of the house, but care must be taken that any investment is recouped when the house is sold.

For those who are renovating to make their property more suitable for their purposes, such as adding a bathroom, extending a kitchen or installing radiators, Ms Desouza argued this is far cheaper than selling a home and buying a new one in the current financial climate.

“Investing in your home is a highly profitable manoeuvre under various circumstances,” she concluded.

FrogTape, creators of a painters’ masking tape, revealed in a survey that 54 per cent of men claim to have taken shortcuts when decorating.

One in five men have done a job so badly they had to call for professional help, with a further 11 per cent of men claiming they have botched jobs because they were too proud to seek assistance.

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