Health and safety neglect ‘costs £8bn’

Businesses are missing out on £8 billion every year due to poor policies to deal with risk and hazards, the Institution of Health and Safety (IOSH) has reported.

This results in enterprises losing their competitive edge due to low productivity, legal bills, illness, accidents and absenteeism caused by a lack of attention to risk and hazard management, the study found.

“Businesses are missing a trick with health and safety,” IOSH president Steve Granger declared. He described how, in the current global marketplace, the wellbeing of an enterprise’s workforce will be an indicator of its potential for success.

He claimed it was “frankly wrong” for the government and other people to describe this legislation as red tape.

In opposition to this, a recent report from the British Chambers of Commerce stated the ambiguous nature and large volume of health and safety is a burden on many businesses while acknowledging it could be particularly important in certain sectors.

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One thought on “Health and safety neglect ‘costs £8bn’

  1. Health and safety on a construction site has two real factors.

    1. Good site management, ensuring that time is managed correctly, workers and machinery can be accounted for and safety measures are in place.

    2. After hours, security is in place to prevent vandals and thieves from breaking and entering and causing damage to the premises.

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