Vocational students build village welcome signs

Aspiring house builders and bricklayers have built three signs and performed some repairs to the village hall in Ryther, Selby. Damien Docherty and Joel Gardner, alongside tutors Harpal Sambhi and Robin Chappell, were involved in the construction project, which used stones carved by masonry teacher Paul Hill and his students. The York Handmade Brick Company produced the bricks and Poppleton Community Railway Nursery donated plants. Mr Sambhi said: “Projects like this really help students to see how live work needs to be planned and executed.” He explained that students benefit from experiencing work outside of college environments and can put it on their CVs to impress future employers. “Everyone involved fully enjoyed the project,” he concluded. The college has 80 full-time vocational courses and is ranked fourth in the country for achievements in level three courses. Around 400 students from the facility go to university every year, principal Alison Birkinshaw declared, adding that she is “delighted that we can celebrate vocational success and achievement”.

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