Expert predicts self-build changes

The self-build market will be particularly strong in the future but will have altered considerably from its present state, according to a leading expert.

Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine editor Jason Orme noted that the government is “keen to develop” a model that will result in more people erecting their own property.

Currently, issues such as land and finance access, complicated building legislation and guidelines or the lack of a fixed price discourage people from entering this market, he claimed.

“There will be a whole new group of people who do not want to deal with the hassle” and are not interested in making the same profits of a traditional self-builder, the expert predicted.

Mr Orme explained that he anticipates these customers will buy serviced land, which will already have planning permission, before “selecting houses off-plan at a fixed price”.

“It is self-build, but not as we know it,” he concluded.

This follows a recent statement by housing minister Grant Shapps, who asked mortgage lenders to increase the financing options available for those who wish to construct their own dwelling.

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