Old houses refurbished for elderly

A total of £9.98 million was provided by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) to fund a newly-completed scheme to transform 100 1970s houses into modern dwellings.

The previous buildings in York, which were prefabricated constructions and contained asbestos, have been replaced with 48 family homes, 60 bungalows, 41 apartments and 47 properties to be sold on the general housing market.

As part of the Auden House ExtraCare scheme, many of these buildings are intended for older people who require support but who wish to live independently.

The HCA’s investment enabled the City of York Council to use a variety of partners in order to bring this project to the southern part of its constituency. Southdale Homes was a key figure in its development.

Based in Coventry, the ExtraCare Charitable Trust was first set up in 1988.

It currently is providing assistance to 3,500 individuals across 11 villages in the north-west and Midlands.

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