Brits ‘gloat about renovations’

A significant amount of British people enjoy showing off their successful renovations, new research has revealed.

The study, from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, has shown that one in ten homeowners have thrown a social event for the purposes of bragging about DIY achievements.

A further one in six individuals admitted to calling over loved ones to demonstrate their latest upgrades to their property

Makeovers to a garden were most commonly talked about, accounting for 15.7 per cent of all home improvement conversations during dinner parties.

This was followed by new kitchens and bathrooms, whilst 4.4 per cent have shown friends and family their hot tubs, steam rooms or swimming pools.

Anna-Marie Desouza, editor of Build It, had previously called this kind of upgrade a “savvy move” in the current financial climate.

“It’s great to see that homeowners are thinking about adding value to their properties in order to take the next step on the property ladder,” commented Steve Reid, retail director at the financial firm.

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