‘Can home improvements’ boost energy efficiency

Quite a number of different improvements can be made to a house in order to reduce its fuel bills, according to one expert.

Louise Burfitt-Dons, campaign director for the Global Warming Alliance, claimed that some properties will benefit from double-glazed windows and holes in floorboards and skirting boards being covered.

She declared that a lot of warmth escapes through older buildings, while newer houses are often constructed with sustainability and reduced heat loss as key objectives.

“The fashion for being minimalist that’s been around for 20 years isn’t always energy efficient,” she noted, explaining that open spaces quite often have no curtains or other insulating devices.

Houses in rural locations pose more of a challenge, Ms Burfitt-Dons continued, adding that cities are heating up to three degrees Celsius more than greener areas.

Indeed, London has an Urban Heat Island that means the centre of the capital can be ten degrees Celsius warmer than surrounding countryside.

“You’re having to crank up far more heating and lighting than you would need in a city” in a rural dwelling, she concluded

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