Bolton school needs renovation to make it safer

A Bolton school is to be renovated to reduce health and safety issues inside the premises.

Westhoughton High School requires replacements to its windows, improvements to the dining facilities and entrance foyer and the resolution of other risks to pupil’s health, the Bolton News reports.

It has received £250,000 for the upgrades, although council officers are disappointed the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) fund was scrapped as many more alterations could have been made with this finance.

Leaders in the local authority as saying in a report that said BSF would have “provided an opportunity to address ongoing property liabilities across our schools”, adding that regular building maintenance will now have to deal with this.

It is believed this repair work will be completed by the start of the next academic year.

Some local authorities still receive BSF contracts, such as Hull City Council, which has just issued three contracts worth £65 million with cash from this source.

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