Rospa full of praise for safety of Olympic construction

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Rospa) has extended its praise to those involved in the construction of the Olympic Park and Village for their excellent health and safety record.

So far, the accident frequency rate is 0.17 per million working hours, significantly lower than the average in the construction sector and similar to the normal rate across all UK industries.

It is also the only Olympic building project of a similar scale that has not resulted in any fatalities and has achieved two separate awards for its outstanding risk management.

“What has been achieved thus far is a highly commendable British achievement that is well worth celebrating, particularly in an international context,” Rospa chief executive Tom Mullarkey said, stating that the next challenge is to ensure this record continues until after the launch of the Games.

A similar viewpoint was articulated by the British Safety Council, which recently described the event as the “safest Games ever”.

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