Renovate ‘to make homes suitable for cold’

Renovate Portfolio 016People planning to put their house on the market may wish to perform renovations so it appeals to environmentally-aware potential buyers.

The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has noted some people fail to consider seasonal issues when examining properties and may disregard the heat efficiency of a dwelling during the summer months.

However, this factor is very important in the winter, with double-glazed windows and insulation in loft and cavity walls increasingly required as fuel bills rise, it stated.

Furthermore, any damp should be dealt with, as this can be less obvious to individuals when it is warm but matters at any time of the year, the NAEA said.

Cladding and exposed pipes can cause plumbing problems when the temperature drops and painted facades may require retouching to protect against snow and other seasonal weather, the organisation continued.

“It is important not to forget how quickly the British weather can change,” NAEA chief executive Peter Bolton King said.

The NAEA tries to provide assistance to property professionals, as well as members of the public planning to buy or sell a dwelling.

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