People are spending longer in bathrooms

BathroomHomeowners are spending more time in bathrooms if they have the opportunity to do so and renovations can make the space more pleasant.

This is according to Sara Corker of Sara Corker Designs, who noted television sets are now popular additions to this location.

People currently wish to have “a glamorous look” in this room, as they want to take some time to relax in it if they can, she said.

“Bevelled edged mirrors” create many “different, beautiful reflections”, which assists in this form of decor, the expert continued.

She added that natural tones aid individuals in their “body, mind and soul”, as they are earthy and supportive.

Ms Corker claimed “lots of mirror and glass” enhances the amount of lighting in a bathroom and contributes to a luxurious interior design.

This echoes comments made by Lesley Taylor, director at Taylor’s Etc, who argued opulence and lavishness are increasingly commonplace in bathrooms as this appearance aids in the room’s comfort level.

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