RICS welcomes new planning framework

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) has welcomed the draft National Planning Policy Framework released by the government, noting that it could assist the UK in stimulating economic growth.

Rics argued the current system has failed to provide the homes and infrastructure required in the country, which has also reduced employment prospects.

However, the group claimed the new draft legislation “strikes the right balance in safeguarding the environment and promoting strong, vibrant and healthy communities”.

The organisation stated that the framework will provide “clarity and certainty” to employers and businesses, recognising that the English countryside must be safeguarded while enabling construction projects and “delivering sustainable growth”.

Bringing economic stimulus to the nation is “in everyone’s interest”, Rics continued.

The Department for Communities and Local Government stated it intends to create a planning system that is “less complex and more accessible” and has set up a public consultation on its proposals, which will close on October 17th.

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