Riba: New-builds are too small

new_build_developers2Newly-built houses in the UK are not big enough, a report titled the Case for Space from the Royal Institute of British Architects (Riba) claimed.

It noted that average three-bedroomed homes are eight per cent smaller than their recommended minimum size, with the most common structure of this type only 77 per cent as large as it should be.

Riba chief executive Harry Rich called these domiciles “shameful shoe box homes” that are being “churned out all over the country”.

The UK’s housing shortage does not mean developers have to build abodes that are not “of the highest quality”, he argued.

However, the Home Builders Federation (HPF) criticised this statement, noting that Riba failed to consider issues such as land supply, the National Planning Policy Framework, viability or other reasons why properties could be less spacious.

Furthermore, it noted people that buy new-builds report high levels of satisfaction in their dwellings, which are “cheaper to run, warmer and greener”.

HBF executive chairman Stewart Baseley called the study a “disappointing missed opportunity”.

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3 thoughts on “Riba: New-builds are too small

  1. Not only are the new homes small, they are also lower quality. I know that everyone needs to watch the bottom line but developers should still consider the greater good. That’s a bit preachy, isn’t it? …but a solid interior wall would be nice to see once in a while!

  2. We’ve experienced that since the 80’s in the US, just the low quality aspect of it. The sizes are huge, but they are absolute garbage. Literally falling apart after about 15 years. And God forbid a tornado comes through, the thing is toast.

  3. I know, I wanted to agree with Stuart- I get preachy on this as well. My wife and I have looked an literally hundreds of new constructions and they are a bit lower quality than I had hoped. I don’t think it is just a problem here, though.

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