UK ‘has low-carbon built environment’

The UK is one of the world’s top three countries in terms of making its built environment eco-friendly, research from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) has found.

It is just behind Brazil and Norway in the organisation’s Zero Carbon Capacity Index, which assesses how countries have made their construction industry green in three different areas.

These are the legislation that has been enacted to promote this behaviour, the contribution renewable sources of energy make to the total primary energy supply and the power consumption in transport, tertiary and residential sectors.

Australia and China take up the fourth and fifth places, while Russia, Luxembourg and Canada are ranked lowest.

However, the figures have remained generally stable for a number of years, indicating that large-scale investments and a significant amount of effort is required to change the pollutants released by a nation.

“Rics is currently leading on a series of issues, in light of the government’s Low Carbon Construction Action Plan, which aims to help establish the UK as a world leader in sustainable construction and refurbishment,” director of sustainability and special projects Martin Russell-Croucher declared.

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