Renovations ‘are focused on comfort’

renovations4Members of the public want to renovate their homes to make them more comfortable, it has been said.

Interior designer and DIY SOS presenter Julia Kendell claimed there has been a shift in fashion from the minimal trends of ten years ago.

“It is difficult times for everybody right now,” she pointed out, explaining this has resulted in an increased interest in personalised decor.

People are improving their current domicile and making it “much more special” due to this climate, the expert added.

Ms Kendell argued that “women particularly are very much nest building” and like to ensure their abode is appropriate for their families needs as well as their own.

The average female spends £419 annually on soft furnishing items for her house, although 61 per cent stated they are not be aware of the latest interior design fashions, a survey by recently revealed.

Furthermore, 36 per cent of the ladies polled prefer to spend time relaxing at home than being with their family.

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