New factory to include recreation area for families

A company has promised that it will create a recreation area for families alongside a new factory and homes for the facility’s workers.

Architects and consultants hired by Wilkin & Sons revealed the plans for the £15 million development in Tiptree, which includes 250 homes and community facilities.

Local newspaper the Daily Gazette reports that an open play area, a car park, allotments and an exercise trail are to be included in the proposals, along with a football field and a cricket pitch.

Farms director Chris Newenham admitted that the company might face problems persuading the council to allow it to use the land to build on.

He said: “Even with overwhelming public support, talks with Colchester Council suggest the process may be a long, complex and costly one.”

This comes shortly after a deal was signed to build almost 1,600 domiciles across the south of England as a result of a £20.5 million agreement involving Wayfarer.

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