CIOB calls for greater ‘Green’ checks and balances in National Planning Policy Framework

logo_ciobIn response to the Government’s consultation on the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the Chartered Institute of Building has called on the Government to provide greater clarity for Local Authorities to understand what ‘Green’ credentials they are being measured against.

“We agree there should be a presumption in favour of sustainable development but it has to be based on consistent guidance and parameters on what constitutes ‘sustainable development’ in the economic sense across all Local Authority areas,” said Eddie Tuttle Public Affairs and Policy Manager.

He added, “The ways in which these targets will be met at the local level and included in the new planning framework are missing in the current NPPF draft, which considering the localism agenda should be integral to the planning process. So far the Government has failed to properly explain the assessment that is required and needs to provide guidance on what business and economic measures sustainable development is to be assessed against.”

In addition the CIOB is recommending that the framework encompasses scope for development applications for the retrofitting of the existing building stock, given the emphasis placed on this with the upcoming Green Deal and the need for energy security.

The CIOB also calls on the Government to recognise the importance of the historic built environment and warns against a reduction in the levels of protection for heritage sites.

“There has to be a holistic approach to the environment which encompasses both the natural and the historic environment. We are concerned that any watering down of existing safeguards would put our cultural heritage at risk,” said Eddie Tuttle.

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