Conservatories ‘are a calming extension’

imagesConservatories are particularly calming and relaxing rooms, it has been said.

Carolyn Parker Interior Designs design director Abigail Owen explained this extension provides members of the public with the opportunity to “gaze out into the world from the warmth and comfort of your own home”.

People can watch seasonal changes, which is a “lovely” experience, she continued.

The expert noted that some individuals will be able to enjoy “happy memories” or appreciate the gardening they have performed from this room.

Recent research from GoCompare echoes her comments, with Brits often viewing a conservatory as an important part of their dream home.

Ms Owen suggested making it a private part of the house, such as by planting flowers and trees outside it and using uplights to illuminate the windows.

This makes it “much harder for people to see in”, she pointed out, which often results in the homeowner feeling more comfortable and less like they are in “a goldfish bowl”.

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