Quarterly rise in construction orders found

There was a 12.8 per cent rise in the value of all new construction orders over the third quarter of 2011 when compared with the three months preceding it, data from the Office for National Statistics has revealed.

Private commercial requests represented the largest contribution to this increase, asking for 21.4 per cent more work than in the second quarter during this timeframe.

However, this still represents a 5.5 per cent fall when compared with the same period 12 months earlier, the government body pointed out.

Construction Products Association chief executive Michael Ankers claimed the figures are the worst seen for this quarter since 1980.

He noted private sector investments have generally been made in the south-east and London, which were not “strong enough to compensate for the sharp decline in orders” from public bodies.

Building requests relating to education, social housing and health have experienced the worst declines, the expert stated

“The industry needs to brace itself for an even sharper fall in output in 2012 than that already anticipated,” Mr Ankers said.

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