The Role of bathrooms ‘has evolved’

The role of bathrooms in British households is changing, it has been asserted.

Lesley Taylor, interior designer and design director at Taylor’s Etc, said this room will “never return to its purely practical existence”.

It is now “even more apparent” than it used to be that the function of this space has evolved, with it now utilised as a retreat following a hard day.

Renovation and self build schemes are putting more effort into ensuring the location has “the highest level of aesthetic appreciation”, she remarked, suggesting people intend for the area to bring them comfort and solitude.

Although previously the functionality of this room took precedent over style, nowadays these two elements are working together “in harmony”, the designer continued.

Hi-tech fittings are also increasingly commonplace in this space, such as Jacuzzis and top-range showers or baths, interior design specialist George Bond recently claimed.

Ms Taylor argued people currently intend to have a bathroom that looks attractive and fulfils all of their needs and desires while bathing.

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