House building improvements ‘could take 6 months’

The government must respond positively to the National Planning Policy Framework if the house building industry is to improve in 2012.

This is according to director of external affairs at the Federation of Master Builders Brian Berry, who claimed it could be some time until the UK starts to feel the positive effects of the initiative.

He explained that the coalition is due to respond to planning proposals in March, although it could take until the second half of the year for the economy to see any improvement as a result of this.

“Definitely with the first six months, we are not very optimistic – and that depends on the government sticking to the original proposals,” Mr Berry continued.

The expert added that the current difficulties many people face when trying to obtain a mortgage means confidence in the housing market is at a low.

At the beginning of the month, the Construction Products Association predicted workload within the construction sector will decline by around five per cent in 2012, with a recovery not expected until 2014.

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