Neon colours ‘will be 2012 interior design theme’

Neon colours are an emerging fashion in home decor.

NoChintz designer Katie Crolla called these tones a “key trend for 2012” and argued that they can be used in all parts of a home, including new extensions and conservatories.

A modern and tongue-in-cheek appearance can be created through clever use of “kitsch, neon lighting”, she continued.

People who find this “a little too adventurous” could use flashes of these colours in furnishings, accessories and wallpaper, the designer continued.

This corresponds with recommendations made by the Home Interior Catalog, which gave neon tones in living rooms “two thumbs up for the year 2012”.

Natural light can complement and enhance this effect and enhances the creative touches of a person’s design scheme, it continued.

However, darker tones set against gold was also highlighted as a successful interior design by the company, which said this can bring an “elegant appeal”, with the “stylish contrast” likely to be effective and trendy in the immediate future.

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