Homeowners ‘could make home improvements themselves’

There are a number of renovation and refurbishment jobs that homeowners could be able to do without professional assistance, an expert has said.

Jason Orme, Homebuilding & Renovating magazine editor, pointed out flooring and tiling should be accomplishable by a layman, particularly if the task is uncomplicated.

He argued the internet can also help people who wish to perform home improvement or DIY tasks themselves, noting many websites “explain how to do these things and how to do them well”.

“There is absolutely no reason” that many of the things an individual might hire an expert for cannot be completed without professional assistance, the specialist remarked.

Mr Orme advised those who doubt their abilities to practice and to “give it a go” in a small area that does not mean a lot to them.

However, Roofapedia.com representative Nick Oldridge recently said repairs and maintenance work on the roof is best left to the experts.

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