Extensions ‘are an easy way’ to improve a property

A good way to upgrade a house is to add an extension, a specialist has said.

Director of the National Home Improvement Council Andrew Leech said building a conservatory is “one of the easiest ways of improving a property”.

He also highlighted renovating the loft space into rooms as a good method of increasing the size of a domicile.

Many people are staying in their current dwelling and refurbishing it to meet their needs at the moment, the expert remarked, pointing out this involves a “lot less hassle” than moving to another structure.

Particularly expensive extensions should only be performed by individuals who plan to live in the same house for a long period of time, but relatively cheaper ones of around £15,000 will recoup their initial cost “after a few years”, Mr Leech said.

Architect-your home  architect Tom Gresford recently argued homeowners can increase the size of their property for £10,000, although the overall expense will depend on what the customer wants.

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One thought on “Extensions ‘are an easy way’ to improve a property

  1. Great post. We are getting more and more extension work, due, I’m sure to the stagnation of the property market. People can’t afford to move up the housing ladder and if they need a bigger house, an extension is not only the best way to achieve this – it is probably also the only way!

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