Housebuilders ‘should include more sustainable features’

Builders need to include more environmentally-friendly features into the homes they construct so the UK’s housing stock is more sustainable for the future.

This is according to director at Julia Goodfellow-Smith, who said companies should consider using low-impact, locally available materials.

Thought must be given to passive heating and cooling, such as fitting larger windows on the south side of a property, she said, while solar panels should be fitted to roofs where appropriate.

As well as generating cheap electricity for the home, widespread adoption of the technology in newly-built properties will help bring the cost of the equipment down for everyone else, allowing the UK to improve its carbon footprint.

“Rainwater collection systems should be standard or at least a water recycling [system], so that we stop flushing our toilets with potable water,” Ms Goodfellow-Smith continued.

Recently, the government’s NewBuy scheme to stimulate the development of more houses was welcomed by the Home Builders Federation, which said it would offer a boost to builders of all sizes.

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