People ‘only want white bathrooms’

White is now the only colour people want in their washrooms, a Bathroom City spokesman has said.

Aubergine, avocado, pink or primrose tones are not desired in this room any more, the representative continued.

He argued members of the public want to see “very modern, very chic, straight-line products”, which are free-standing and easy to clean.

Generally, men and women who wish to upgrade their bathroom have a predetermined budget and will stick to this when they are deciding what they want.

Some people are renovating a toilet room as part of a buy-to-sell project and these consumers try to purchase appliances that will suit the rest of the house, such as traditional suites to suit a dwelling with this appearance, the spokesperson added.

A total of four per cent of Brits intend to fit a new bathroom during the upcoming bank holiday weekends, statistics recently reported on by HSBC revealed.

Furthermore, 52 per cent of respondents are planning to perform some home improvements over these dates.

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