DIY ‘is undergoing renaissance’

Interior design and home improvement is currently undergoing a kind of renaissance due to the global economic downturn.

This is according to a spokesperson from Ideal Home Magazine, who noted members of the public are trying to undertake projects themselves, with women in particular more likely to attend DIY classes.

Homeowners are putting big projects off until they feel confident, but are refreshing and redecorating smaller areas of the house, the representative continued.

Wallpapering is considerably simpler than it used to be, they added, noting ready-pasted paper now exists.

“There’s a lot of choice out there,” the specialist remarked, arguing this applies to projects in all parts of a dwelling.

“Anything to save money is worth exploring and it’s got a lot easier,” the spokesperson declared.

Jason Orme, editor for Homebuilding & Renovating magazine, recently said there are a number of home improvement tasks that can be completed by laymen, including tiling and flooring.

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