Layperson ‘can fix small plumbing problems’

It could be possible for laypeople to perform a few plumbing tasks without professional assistance.

Editor of Build It + Home Improvement magazine Anna-Marie DeSouza pointed out a regular person could replace blocked or eroded pipework, as well as move a pipe in the bathroom.

However, major tasks such as rerouting showers or moving around bathroom furnishings could require expert assistance, she stated.

For other jobs, guides on the internet, the help of DIY enthusiasts or recommendations from parents might be sufficient, the specialist continued.

Ms DeSouza claimed electrical tasks can be a dangerous thing for unqualified people to embark upon.

Furthermore, individuals will have to find out building regulations from the local council to discover what they are legally allowed to change in relation to their power supply, she added.

Homeowners who are unsure about their DIY talents could start off with small projects, before moving on to larger jobs and building up their repertoire, the expert had previously said.

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