Colours ‘have emotional impact’

Choose your colours wisely,  the colour a homeowner chooses when painting a room can have an emotional impact on them, a chartered psychologist has said.

Dr David Lewis explained people are “hugely influenced” by this factor.

Earthy hues, blue, brown, green and other “subdued colours” are useful for encouraging relaxation and comfort, he declared.

Studies have shown pink has the potential to calm down violent offenders and many women choose to use this tone in their bedroom, the specialist continued.

However, “bright primary colours” such as yellow and red do not encourage individuals to relax, Dr Lewis asserted, pointing out the walls of fast food restaurants are painted with these tones to encourage people to feel excited about their meal but to prevent them from lingering in the establishment.

Interior designer Linda Barker recently promoted the use of bright hues when painting a house, claiming beige and cream should not be used as often as they once were.

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