Art ‘can inspire home decor’

People thinking about implementing artwork in their home decor could consider using parts of the art to inspire their interior design. Renaissance Arts Academy UK, Arts Retreat in France and drawing for the petrified managing director and creativity expert Elinor Martell noted: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” She said the layout and appearance of a home could exploit and accent themes from a painting or similar feature. An interior that used this effect would be “very personal and creative”, the specialist stated, arguing it could give visitors the impression that the artwork was living or moving through the home. She described it as a “conceptual extension of the art”. People who use artwork in home design have a “real opportunity” to create a unique statement with their dwelling’s appearance, Ms Martell remarked. However, National Home Improvement Council executive director Andrew Leech recently argued homeowners that are planning to put their property on the market ought to make the house appear as normal as they possibly can.

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