Efficiency ‘to become even more important’

Energy efficiency is likely to become more and more important in the construction of new houses in the immediate future, an expert has indicated.

Granada Secondary Glazing head of sales Ian Hall said it might take a few years before the general public realises what the government is trying to do with the Green Deal.

At the moment, it is more of a “buzz word thing”, he argued.

However, many organisations and people are thinking much more carefully about fuel conservation than they used to do, the specialist pointed out.

“We have all got fuel bills at home that are increasing,” Mr Hall continued.

In the future, energy conservation is likely to become a more important issue, he added.

Rising fuel bills could contribute to this shift, with British Gas parent company Centrica recently warning that power prices are likely to increase in the immediate future.

It suggested the typical household’s annual gas and electricity bill will heighten by £50 this year.

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