Brits ‘should feel confident with DIY’

Brits should consider performing home improvement tasks themselves rather than calling in tradesmen, an expert has said.

Interior designer and television presenter Julia Kendell stated there could be a “fear factor” preventing people from undertaking these DIY operations, especially those that require working outside.

While many people are becoming involved in home decoration, they are not doing the “less-glamorous jobs”, such as fixing dodgy paving slabs or filling in potholes, she stated.

The expert suggested individuals who do not feel comfortable with DIY should build up their self-confidence by doing “fairly straightforward” projects, before moving on to more difficult tasks.

Furthermore, they ought to conduct some research before they begin working, Ms Kendell advised.

“Go to a good website with videos on using specific products,” she declared.

A recent poll by Tarmac Building Products found one-fifth of people say they find DIY too complicated, while more than one-third are concerned about making mistakes.

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