Solar panels ‘a popular choice among Brits’

Many homeowners in the UK are keen to fit solar panels to their properties.

This is according to residential customer liaison for Joju Solar Will Broadfoot, who offered some advice on making eco-friendly home improvements.

He said any properties facing south with a roof that has a pitch of between ten and 30 degrees is ideal.

By installing solar panels, people could generate half of their property’s energy needs, Mr Broadfoot continued.

What is more, it seems as though now is the time to make the change.

“At the moment, the return on investment is exactly the same, if not better, as what it was this time last year,” the expert added.

He noted the government strongly backs solar installations and the payback period for the work is less than ten years.

Another way to make a property more energy efficient, is to fit double glazing as this can reduce heat loss in domestic properties by up to 85 per cent.

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