Homeowners ‘not compromising on bathroom designs’

The desire to create a beautiful, comfortable and stylish bathroom seems to be as strong as ever, if one expert is to be believed.

Matteo Bianchi, director of the Matteo Bianchi Studio, explained his belief that people are simply not willing to compromise on the hard furnishings of their washroom.

“I don’t think people are spending less on bathrooms,” he stated, adding: “They can understand the need for quality where function dwells. The same can be said for kitchens.”

Among the current trends Mr Bianchi has picked up on include a rising demand for mosaic tiles, with these becoming more elegant the smaller they are.

He also suggested that Britons tend to appreciate subtle patterns and darker designs in the current market.

A spokesman for Bathroom City recently painted a slightly different picture when he said that modern bathroom design is “all white” and relies on fashionable and chic features.

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