Orange ‘a trendy colour’ in 2012 interiors

Orange is now a key colour in home decor this year.

Vibrant tones of the colour were seen “kicking off the year with a bang”, GA Interiors and Shellshock Designs interior designer Gwendoline Alderton stated.

For example, ‘tangerine tango’ was named as the colour of the year 2012 by Pantone, which described it as a “vivacious and appealing reddish orange”.

Ms Alderton claimed vibrant orange is an “energising and happy” colour, although she admitted some people might find it “too strong”.

These individuals could whet their appetite with peach and dusky pink, which were described by the specialist as colours to fit summer 2012.

Other colours highlighted by the interior design expert include taupe, chocolate and caramel.

While some people paint their walls with magnolia, Ms Alderton argued this can look grey in English weather.

She recommended that people select colours that remind them of “soft clotted cream”.

“Summer 2012 is a time to brighten and sparkle your home,” the designer added.

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