Modern heating tools ‘are notably efficient’

There are a number of subsidies and grants available for people who wish to purchase energy-efficient devices, interior designer and TV presenter Julia Kendell said.

She suggested that people check their central heating systems to see whether these ought to be upgraded.

“I wouldn’t want to be too specific about what heating system if going to work for what property, but there are lots out there and they’re all pretty efficient these days,” the expert added.

Some of the variables the specialist outlined include the size of the house, how often people are inside the building and the type of insulation it has.

Furthermore, newer technologies such as photovoltaic cells may be a useful purchase for eco-conscious homeowners, she stated.

In the long-term, people can make money through these devices through the Feed-in-Tariff scheme, Ms Kendell noted.

Recently, regulations relating to these charges were introduced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, with these requirements set to put the policy on a more sustainable, certain and predictable footing.

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