Measured Building Surveys- Fast Turnaround  is going from strength to strength with work carried out all over the UK and abroad in the last twelve months. Surveys carried out in places like Ukraine, Guernsey and the Isle of man and we even surveyed a small castle in the Midlands, plus, a very unique Convent with a number of Chapels and Churches in the last few months and a Monastary! it gets very interesting.

If you need a measured building survey or even several measured building surveys or a measured building surveyor, then you have come to the right place.  If time is of the essence, or clients time constraints are limited on site, we can accomodate you.

Whether your survey project is large or small, a single house plan of a few square metres up to thousands of square metres or several house plans. building plans or ‘As Built’ plans, anywhere in Europe then we can meet your requirements. We have vast experience of Measured Building Surveys, floor plans and elevational drawings, everything from private homes and domestic premises, apartment blocks, and flats, to churches, ecclesiastical buildings, , charity sites, supermarkets and shopping malls and have carried out measured survey programmes and topographical surveys encompassing hundreds of properties.  A schedule can be drawn up to suit you!

Why not give us a try, call 0871 789 2609 or email us or just as for an online quotation.

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