MCFC hires BAM for City Football Academy construction

Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) has selected BAM Construction as its building partner for the delivery of the City Football Academy.

This will form part of the club’s Etihad Campus and should provide a learning centre for as many as 400 youngsters.

It will also contain space for MCFC’s operations functions, a training base for the first team, over 16 football pitches, a stadium with a capacity of 7,000, as well as changing rooms, refectory, an injury and rehab centre and a gym.

Junior and senior players will be able to utilise on-site accommodation and a bridge will link the facility to the Etihad Stadium and other parts of the football team’s real estate holdings.

A recent poll of the local community found 98 per cent of people wholeheartedly endorse the development, which is expected to have a positive impact on the region’s environmental and economic regeneration and on young footballers.

MCFC has also donated 5.5 acres of its land on the site to the community and is creating leisure and educational facilities for people in the neighbourhood.

Construction of the City Football Academy will require at least 160 professional tradesmen and a minimum of 70 per cent of these will be recruited from the local area.

So far, 49 people have been employed for the project and all of these came from the region, with 34 of these individuals previously unemployed for a long period of time.

Some of the other opportunities for jobs the development will produce include 95 permanent positions, which will include arboriculture, water management, landscaping, site management, administration and security.

“We recognise that east Manchester has a very high unemployment rate in terms of the youth in the area and this is one particular area that we’ll be looking to target,” BAM director Ian Fleming said.

Building the academy will also make great use of local materials, with 94 per cent of the construction supplies required in the previous development of MCFC’s offices being sourced from the north-west of England.

When the club’s hospitality suites were recently refurbished, this figure hit 98 per cent.

“We will work hard to play our part in delivering MCFC’s vision of both developing the players of the future and helping to regenerate the community of east Manchester,” Mr Fleming added.

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