NAO Campus, the Pole Star indoor positioning solution, is deployed over 6.5 million square feet at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

Paris, FRANCE – September 20th 2012 – NAO Campus, the 3D indoor location system developed by Pole Star and already deployed over 2 million square feet at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport has been extended to most terminals with a total of 6.5 million square feet covered on four levels. Thanks to NAO Campus, the most mature indoor positioning solution on the market, 61 million travelers in the second largest airport in Europe will never be lost again and will have access to a whole new range of location based services designed to remove the stress from travel and optimize visitor comfort.

Aéroports de Paris (ADP.PA) has once again chosen the Pole Star solution and is now the first venue in the world to offer this service

Pole Star, the indoor positioning leader, in partnership with the Wi-Fi operator, Hub Telecom, have extended coverage of the NAO Campus solution to all of terminals T1, T2 and T3, the new boarding area of Terminal 2E of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport as well as the SNCF train station and above-ground parking areas at the airport.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport is the first venue in the world to offer indoor location service over such a large area and in such a complex environment. The NAO Campus embedded mobile application, “My Way Aéroports de Paris”, was deployed in July 2011 over part of the airport before being expanded to the whole site. “After benchmarking all indoor location solutions available today, we chose the Pole Star service for its maturity and excellence compared to other solutions. The initial deployment clearly demonstrated the added value of interacting with our passengers in real time thanks to the Pole Star indoor positioning system. Consequently we decided to extend coverage to the entire airport. The new version of the geolocated application, My Way Aéroports de Paris, has been available on Google Play for ANDROID Smartphones since the start of July and the service will be launched on iPhone by the end of the year.” says Olivier Tarneaud, Marketing Director at Aéroports de Paris.

Designed to make life easier for passengers and improve services for airport retailers and partners

The Pole Star indoor location solution enables users to locate their position with an average accuracy of 5 meters and even up to 1.5 meters depending on the zone, while guaranteeing seamless indoor/outdoor and level transitions. Today, the NAO Campus embedded mobile application provided by the airport is making life easier for 61 million travelers who have access to:

  • A 3D interactive map showing all services, terminal gates and shops
  • Visual and vocal turn-by-turn guidance in English and in French, indicating the shortest path with distance to the selected point of interest
  • Personalized access for mobility impaired passengers

The application also provides information about flights and special promotions depending on the passenger’s location and profile. The social networking function is very useful in such a large, densely crowded area as an airport. These functions have come out of the SoLoMo trend, the convergence between social networks, location data and smartphone uses.

Christian Carle, CEO and Co-Founder of Pole Star, provided Aéroports de Paris with the latest NAO Campus innovations to speed up the deployment cycle: “We are once again very proud that Aéroports de Paris and Hub Telecom have chosen to work with us. Since June, we have delivered over 10 million square feet in the world. Now available on iPhone, our solution covers 80% of the Smartphone market. We have proven unique experience on the market in Europe, North America and all over the world. We have more and more requests from venue operators who want to use indoor location to improve their visitors’ overall experience. In addition to improving passenger comfort, the location based mobile application can create new revenue streams for our customers who wish to sell it to companies and brands eager to communicate via this new real-time marketing media.” concludes Christian Carle.

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