Risk of Power Failures by 2015

Britain runs the risk of running out of energy and experiencing power failures by the year 2015, according to the UK energy regulator.

Ofgem has issued a stark warning to home and business owners across the country. Its findings, published in the Electricity Capacity Assessment report, predict that the amount of spare power capacity could drop from 14% to only 4% over the next three years; and that coal-fired power stations could be closing sooner than expected.

Secure and sustainable

It means that Britain will rely more on imported gas which could result in a price hike for UK consumers, and Ofgem has put part of the blame on EU environmental legislation.

The regulator claims that investment is needed to create new generating capacity to deliver secure, sustainable and affordable energy supplies for consumers. Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, has said that the government will respond to the report by the end of the year.

Energy UK confirmed Ofgem’s report; saying that over £150 billion of investment is needed to keep the UK’s lights on and this can be achieved by replacing aging power stations and infrastructure.

Detrimental and stressful

Following the revelation of increased power outages which will leave thousands of citizens without electricity, a leading generator hire firm is advising UK properties to make sure they have a dependable back-up system.

Mark Stuart, Marketing Director of Mather and Stuart, said: “Losing power can be extremely detrimental on businesses and very stressful for homeowners. It is vital that your power supply is safe, secure and reliable especially in the coming winter months.”

You can cut the risk of power failure by having a generator system in place that will give you peace of mind that should a power cut occur, all the electricity needs are taken care of. They offer total reliability and you can save money on fuel efficiency.

This article was provided by Mather and Stuart, the specialists in generator hire. If your business loses power and you need it back fast, call the experts. And if you want to improve your property’s sustainability, enquire about their state-of-the-art carbon reduction generators.

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