Stand up and be counted in the office!

“I have to practice what I preach so I have a stand-up desk in my own office, and I try to use it about the half time I’m at a desk,” said John Buckley, lecturer in exercise physiology in the Department of Clinical Science and Nutrition at the University of Chester.

“Facilities managers might want to consider putting them into offices”, he told FM World.

Buckley, an exercise phsiologist, said office design could move “back to the future” and allow for standing desks as a healthy alternative to the ubiquitous sit-down variety. Monks used to use them for their scribing work.

He claimed the desks have the potential to improve employee health and increase their productivity, according to research by Levine, Schleusner and Jensen published in The Amercan Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Buckley calculates that by working at a stand-up desk for three hours a day people will burn an extra 144 calories per day, compared to sitting at a desk and with no change to his or her job or leisure time activities.  Buckley has also conducted research into how sitting for long periods increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

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