Why it’s important to update your windows

For homeowners who have never paid attention to their windows, now is the time to do so. Windows are an essential feature of all homes; they not only protect against the weather, but can turn a standard looking property into a quaint and quirky retreat with just a simple makeover. Updating windows is important for a number of reasons and can make a huge impact for very little cost, providing increased security, reductions in energy costs and the opportunity to create a beautiful feature.

Windows are, of course, essential to protecting homes from both bad and good weather. Double glazing keeps heat in and vastly reduces energy costs during the winter, whilst a number of modern glass varieties are also good at reflecting light, keeping rooms cool in the summer months. Paying attention to rotten or warped window frames, in addition to cracks and draughts, offers homeowners the chance to drastically reduce heat loss from their home and save significant amounts of money in the long run.

It is also advisable to update windows for security reasons. Many insurance companies are becoming alert to the fact that homeowners who do not have window locks in place could be more easily burgled. This not only puts up the cost of premiums, but can also result in families constantly being in a state of high alert, worrying that they may be attacked in their very own home. However, by simply updating and replacing old windows, locks can be added and frames fixed in place to ensure that poor security is no longer a concern.

Another reason for paying attention to old windows is when selling. Prospective buyers take a very dim view of poorly maintained, broken and dirty windows and it has a huge effect in reducing curb appeal, putting prospective buyers off even setting foot through the door. Having clean windows, sparkling glass, firmly fixed frames and stylish furnishings can hugely increase a property’s attraction by showing that it is cared for. In addition, furnishings, such as curtains and shutters, can help coordinate an entire room’s style.

Curtains and shutters come in a huge variety of different colours and styles; there is always the ideal furnishing for any room. Whilst curtains tend to be the more traditional window styling, shutters are increasing in popularity and provide a modern, chic and clean-lined feature that will suit any room. In addition, shutters can be used both inside and out, so for people who do not want to compromise on lush and extravagant curtain fabrics, teaming with an exterior shutter is the perfect solution.

Updating windows is very important and for all homeowners it is necessary to pay close attention to maintaining and revamping window spaces. Adding features such as curtains and shutters can bring an entire room together and create the ambiance that designers are looking for. Meanwhile, updating to newer glass and more secure locking systems will ensure that windows stay efficient, secure and in top notch health for years to come.

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