Local boatyard to the rescue

boatThis is the first time that the Flushing boatyard, which has a long-standing working relationship with the RNLI, has worked on these new high tech class of vessels, which are worth more than £3 million each.

Last month the ‘Mark Mason’, which is based at Angle in Pembrokeshire, was in after sustaining damage responding to an emergency call, and most recently Salcombe-based ‘The Baltic Exchange III’ was in for a service.

Jonathan Fielding, Falmouth Boat Construction’s commercial director, said: “The Tamar offers plenty of new challenges since it is so high tech, and for us, a fast learning curve.

“Added to this is the fact that the vessels are needed back on station as soon as possible, the team worked all hours, applied their diverse skill set to the job and completed the necessary repairs in two weeks

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