Information about the CSCS Card

Information about the CSCS Card

Health and safety may not be the most interesting subjects to research and think about, but it is one of the most important, particularly when it comes to working on a construction site.  There was a time when it was left solely to the discretion of the construction site owners to ensure that their employees where up to speed with safe working procedures.  Over the years though, this meant that the construction industry, although not the only one, was the industry that contributed to the most accidents, injuries and deaths in the workplace in the UK.  This is why a few decades ago; the UK government introduced a scheme that would reduce the number of workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities.  This scheme is what became known as CSCS.

CSCS, if you are not familiar with the initials, is the Construction Skill Certification Scheme.  It is not only a good qualification to have if you a skilled tradesman of some kind, but it is legally essential if you work on a construction site in the United Kingdom.  CSCS training is widely available throughout the country and gives all participants the knowledge and understanding about what constitutes good health and safety with regards to working practices on a construction site.  Whereas in the past, there was severe amounts of negligence on the part of employers and employees were oblivious to proper working conditions, there now is now excuse.

In fact, an employee knowingly working on a construction site without a registered CSCS card or an employer who knowingly hires workers without the appropriate CSCS cards, if caught – will face legal problems.  At the end of a CSCS course you are given a CSCS card, which is the most important piece of ID for construction workers as it not only proves you passed the appropriate CSCS course, but also serves as an introduction to a prospective employer to your range of skills and experience.

It is a relatively straight forward process obtaining a CSCS card.  The first thing you have to do is work out which is the right for your circumstances and profession.  There are actually several different CSCS cards, that are colour coded and each is suitable for a different type of employer, employee or even visitor to a construction site.  So whether you have a skilled trade or not, whether you are a manager or supervisor or whether you are just a general labourer will have an impact on the type of CSCS card you need to apply for and the deepness of your CSCS training course.  The one thing that is for sure, if you want to work directly on a construction site, or work in a profession where you will be visiting construction sites, you have to have a CSCS card and CSCS training.

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