The reason for safety procedures: 7 examples of why they are important

The reason for safety procedures: 7 examples of why they are important Health and safety procedures, whilst at times seeming excessive and tedious, are extremely important to modern day businesses. Safety procedure are put in place to keep employees and customers safe within the workplace, and by extension, protect the company from liability claims. Wearing of Safetystock helmets is a good first step. Here are 7 reasons why health and safety regulations are important to both employers and employees: Hard Hat 1. Reduce personal injuries Safety procedures are primarily in place to prevent accidents. They cover everything from ensuring wet floor signs are put out, to guidelines for the correct use of machinery. Because companies with high accident records are considered an high risk by insurance companies, having comprehensive safety procedures in place can save a business money.   2. Less damage to company property Correct usage of machinery and equipment is set out by thorough safety procedures. Having your employees use your equipment in the right way will prevent damage and again, save the business money. Line managers are very important in their role with regards to this matter. They should be enforcing correct usage policies and procedures   3.Protection from liability If a staff member or customer is injured on your premises then your business can be held accountable. Legal proceedings can be very costly. A smaller business may not be able to withstand a large legal case, and may be closed by such expenses.   4.Gain certification Certifications are a seal of approval from a third party which confirm that your business is all above board and run according to health and safety guidelines. Becoming certified could even translate to further savings on liability insurance.   5.Maintain certification Making the effort to get your company certified is worthless if standards drop the day after the certificate is awarded. Proper safety procedures, implemented and maintained will ensure that you don’t lose your certification on inspection day.   6.Improve efficiency A common effect of implementing safety procedures is an increase in productivity. When reviewing your business in order to implement these procedures will allow you to take an objective look at operations and find more efficient/effective ways of working. The speed at which your employees work will be increased by having them all adhering to the same guidelines.   7.Improve staff morale Having your staff know that their company cares about their safety will improve staff morale. If your staff know they will not be put into any dangerous situations at work their output will increase.     This piece was written by Mark Enright a writer for the renewable energy experts.

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