How a Jib Crane Can Benefit your Business

Jib cranes are utilised in a huge array of industries, from car garages, engineering businesses and manufacturing plants, they are frequently seen at the end of production lines in large factories, and even in dockyards for off loading ships. A Jib Crane is a piece of lifting equipment manufactured from steel, to create a structure which enables loads to be lifted, and subsequently moved to a different location within its range. Jib cranes from LGD can be manufactured in various ways to best suit your needs, whether it is to save floor space, have limited headroom, or need more lifting space under the beam, they can also be produced with various lifting capacities from 125kg up to 2000kg. A jib crane can be mounted in various ways to best suit its location, column mounted jib cranes are fitted to an existing steel support on the building itself; wall mounted versions are fitted to a wall and jib cranes can also be floor mounted. Due to the way in which a Jib crane may be mounted, they can take up little or no floor space, which can be of huge benefit, especially where space is limited. From the top of the Jib crane’s main steel support there is a steel beam which cantilevers out to various distances, depending on the model, up to 5 meters is possible. The horizontal beam has a bracing support for extra strength, this can be positioned above the beam – over braced; or under the beam – under braced; over braced cranes are ideal if you need maximum lifting room and load manoeuvrability underneath. The horizontal beam (the jib arm) is able to rotate or slew through around 270 degrees, allowing loads to be easily transported anywhere within this slewing range, which will obviously vary depending on the length of this beam. It is also possible to have a jib arm with a knuckle joint to provide articulated movement, these are ideal for moving around fixed obstacles. Electric hoists, lifting magnets, chain blocks and lever hoists are all ideal lifting devices for use with a Jib crane, to further enhance its lifting capabilities. They can be galvanised for outdoor use, and can even have the jib arm powered to make slewing even easier. Jib cranes can be manufactured, by specialists, to suit your businesses individual requirements. A jib crane can greatly reduce injury risks to personnel as it does all the hard work for you; they will also save a fair amount of time, when compared to how long it would take to manually lift and move a heavy load, (if it is possible at all!) and so they can increase productivity. Reducing injury risks and saving time are the biggest factors for reducing costs, and therefore the Jib crane is a very versatile and cost efficient piece of lifting equipment.

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