GstarCAD8 a brand new CAD software

ad_banner_architecture_-1_1_1GstarCAD8 is a brand new CAD software developed over 3 years by Xi’an Gstarsoft Ltd. This platform is powered by a completely new engine and a number of innovative technologies to make its graphic speed and user operation 3-5 times faster while the memory usage is around 40%-50% less than previous GstarCAD versions. The new cad software structure also gives big room for further performance and improvement in the future, possibly making GstarCAD the fastest CAD software in the world.

Gstarcad Features

GstarCAD8 at a fraction of the cost of other CAD software programmes

Standard Version:

  • Allows you to produce high quality 2D CAD plans and elevations.

Professional Version:

  • Has the added functionality of allowing you to produce 3D models.

Dongle Version:

The advantage of a dongle version of the software is that it can be used on any computer at any time.The single dongle allows you to move around and easily switch between say a site computer and an office based computer, and is ideal for people working on their own, or when only one licence of the software will be used at any one time, but on multiple computers.A dongle is available for both the standard and professional versions of the software.

Network Version:

Is available for 10 or more licences.

Academic Version

Is available for schools, colleges and universities. There are further discounts for eductional institutes and all printed drawings are watermarked .

for more information please visit:  Mobile CAD Surveying Ltd

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